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Community centre

The CCAS - Centre Communal d’Action Sociale

General preventive action and social development

Centre Communal d'Action Sociale: public service and action

  • Retired and elderly folks
  • People with disabilities
  • Families and children
  • Individuals and families in difficulty
  • Access to legal aid

Social aid

Retired and elderly people

  • Aid for investment in nursing homes or long-stay centres: Record management and research concerning required food records,
  • Home help
  • Delivery of departmental records personnel autonomy allowance (ADPA) for the maintenance of persons in quasi-physical or psychological dependence at home or in a facility for older people.

People with disabilities

  • Help for people with disabilities (youth in learning centres)
  • Home help
  • Examination of files / Service for Compensation Handicap to allow home support for people with disabilities (under 60 years)
  • Applications for disability badge or disabled adult allowance


Job seekers

  • Help with Universal Health Cover (CMU) forms related to the CPAM or MSA (social security).

Individuals and families in difficulty

  • Social help

Monthly or occasional help in the form of food stamps and products.

“Exceptional” help (various possibilities)

  • Social security

Basic and supplementary administration requirements

  • Housing

Informal help finding housing and during eviction

  • Over-indebtedness

Assistance in compiling bankruptcy forms


Other areas of involvement

  • Aid for heating, food aid, emergency grants,
  • Home help, meals on wheels
  • Taxi vouchers for the elderly or disabled
  • The senior citizens organization (70 and over) - different events
  • The examination of applications and the allocation of public housing built in the town,
  • Medals are awarded to people who have lots of children
  • The organization and coordination of food collection is carried out in liaison with the Food Bank and in collaboration with the CCAS of the Island and Secours Catholique
  • Management of very hot or cold weather plans and pandemic outbreaks
  • Councillors take part in a round of Christmas present delivery for the 590 residents aged 70 and over
  • Management of heritage property owned by the CCAS as a result of private donations.

The CCAS: Reception, Listening, Information, Orientation


The advice service does not necessarily lead to the investigation of a case. In most cases, users of the CCAS come to ask for advice or a referral to another agency that can develop a more appropriate plan of action (social workers, family allowance etc.)





Centre Communal d'Action Sociale (CCAS)

Tel: +33 (0)2 51 35 99 99