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In order to meet the health and medico-social needs of the population in the territory of the island of Noirmoutier, elected officials from the four communities of the island, in partnership with professional groups, have commissioned a diagnostic study to their help determine the priorities to be implemented in the next ten to fifteen years.

On delivery of this study, it appears that the demographic changes, characterized by an ageing population, with an ever greater share of very elderly folks, determines an increased demand for multidisciplinary medical and psycho-social care in the coming years, and requires an organization of the health system in anticipation of the future, based on the assessment of the real needs of this fragile population.


Organization of the health system

  • Accommodation in EHPAD nursing homes:
  • Support for Alzheimer's disease and related challenges
  • Care at home

The local gerontological project

The objective of the projet cantonal gérontologique is to ensure coherence between the various existing resources and to create a structure on the island adapted to the needs of the elderly.

Creation of a multidisciplinary health centre

The island of Noirmoutier is physically far away from regional and district hospitals, and in terms of coverage and emergency care, it is located in a zone of poor coverage.

The proposed creation of a Multidisciplinary Health Centre after having been the subject of several meetings with health professionals, the representative the DDCS and the MSA, has now been transferred to the Community of Municipalities.

The Multidisciplinary Health Centre will be installed on three geographically distinct sites on the island:

  • 1: the Municipal Centre in Noirmoutier-en-Ile, near the Community of Municipalities
  • 2: a post at Barbâtre, near the Mairie, on land made ​​available free of charge by the town of Barbâtre
  • 3: a guard post at the Hospital, which has sold the land necessary for one Euro.


An important innovation is the installation of an X-ray room at the guard post with tele-radiology facilities.

Work will begin in September 2013 with the laying of the foundation stone in January 2014.