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Children's council

The Children's Municipal Council

The Children's Municipal Council (CMC) brings together children between 9 and 10 years of age. It is composed of 20 young councillors, elected by their classmates. Elections are held every two years in the primary schools of the municipality.

The CMC is a place for discussion, reflection, proposals and actions for the young people of Noirmoutiers.

The children's council has been running in Noirmoutier since 2008 and responds to the will of the municipality to promote full and active expressions of local democracy.


With this objective, the CMC allows children to learn about citizenship, to familiarize themselves with the democratic process (voting, contradictory debate, elections) and to manage projects independently.


The CMC has a triple role:

  • Listen to the ideas and proposals of young people of Noirmoutiers and represent them.
  • Propose and carry out useful projects in the schools and neighbourhoods of the town.
  • Transmit directly the wishes and comments of young people to school institutions - to representatives of district councils and members of the municipal council.


The Children's Municipal Council

Espace Grain de Sel

18 rue de la Poste

85 330 Noirmoutier

Tel: +33 (0)2 51 39 72 67

E-mail :