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District councils

Strengthening the involvement of local inhabitants through associations forms a key part of local democracy. It is also a prerequisite for the efficiency and adaptation of public services for local residents.

The creation of district councils (local, neighbourhood councils below the municipal council level) in Noirmoutier, meets both these aims.

Proximity, responsibility, solidarity between people, the rule of general interest and collective community construction characterise the actions of the district councils.

Five district councils have been created, based on the distribution of polling stations.

  • The council of l'Herbaudière
  • The council of le Vieil
  • The council of Noirmoutier centre
  • The council of Cinq Chemins
  • The council of the Bois de la Chaise


These councils are a tool of participatory democracy whose purpose is to encourage public expression and citizen participation. they provide information, participate in decision making. Final decisions are made by the municipal council, which is elected by direct universal suffrage.


The district councils have advisory jurisdiction


The composition of district councils

The district council is composed of four colleges:

  1. An electoral college is composed of two representatives, one titular and one alternate, appointed by the council for the duration of the term.
  2. A panel of local people which includes six titulars and six alternates either from the the district or people who use it daily, aged 16 years or over, regardless of nationality.
  3. Inhabitants who are members of the district council members participate in their own right and not as representatives.
  4. A college drawn from local associations involved in the life of the district, which includes two people and maximum and two alternates, representing the associations.
  5. A college drawn from local professionals composed of two titulars and two alternates all of whom must work in the district.



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