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Plan for this electoral term

It is in the interests of transparency and clarity, but also of responsibility that the town wishes to publicise the various projects planned for this electoral term, along with their time sequences.

“Our plan for this term includes more than forty key actions to build our community. More than a third have been implemented and half will be finished by the end of the year.

We are engaged in building the town we love, based on proximity, listening and the quality of our environment so that each voice is considered.

We are building a community based on daily life as well as future projects. Responsiveness and anticipation are needed to provide housing for those who hope to live here, to create conditions

of solidarity, to provide means for associations to provide assistance for professionals in our community, and to strengthen the hand of health professionals in their every-day medical practice"

— Noël Faucher, Mayor of Noirmoutier-en-Ile


The seven priorities

  1. Economic development: the development of the centre of Noirmoutier, Camp site at La Pointe, housing for seasonal inhaibitants
  2. Port development: work on the renovation of the Port, and rehabilitation of the jetty
  3. Roads: creation of a new traffic plan, safety on the RD5.
  4. Planning: housing policy and social access
  5. Action for Youth: Creating a multimedia centre
  6. Sustainable Development: Review of planning zones, development of eco-building
  7. Social: equipment and services tailored to old age, health centre, etc.
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>> Download the plan for this electoral term here (PDF document)