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Political expression

Let's go forward together!

Many citizens still believe that the mayor is trying to outsource school meals without seeking local alternatives. Yet they exist: use of kitchens of the Espace Poignant, using the kitchens of Molière college, recognized for its qualities.

Our island has advantages: we have producers and culinary talents like our Michelin chef at l'Herbaudière.

And paradoxically, the mayor proposes a much less demanding perspective for the everyday life of our youth and our elderly — preferring reheated meals, sometimes made three or four days before delivery...

To defend this choice, the economic argument is in an advanced stage but to date without any market research. What happens to jobs? Once again, it is preferred to use external providers to the detriment of the island.

Beyond the gap between rhetoric and action, there is no question here of the human dimension, of the transmission of a way of life lifestyle and local know-how. These are all concepts that the mayor seems to have covered in a ton of industrial mashed potato imported from the continent... alas!


Vincent Drevon, Patrice Ferron, Beatrice Fonteneau


A team for change

The end seems near: having already increased our local taxes without reducing unnecessary expenses (including its many indemnities), the mayor multiplies the promises and costly initiatives, pusshing bills back to after the election. Also why has he waited until the end of his mandate to explore the urgent need to sell Les Sorbets, after opposing his purchase ? Who does he hope to cheat?