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Disabled access

Facilitating access to public places and private buildings, residential or business, access to transportation and information, culture, new technologies, for those with motor, sensory, intellectual, or mental disabilities is the way to empower them to participate fully in community life and to play their role without discrimination.

Accessibility is a key element in the social and professional integration of disabled people. It has been a national requirement since 1975. It is now a general objective of all interdepartmental policy.

It should also be noted that improving accessibility improves life for the greatest number, not just the disabled.

The municipality has performed an accessibility diagnostic on the whole community. The first work began in 2010, primarily cocnernign roads to ease movement for years and this will continue. In 2013, the connection between the town centre and the Place de la Republique was made and accessibility in the Espace Hubert Poignant area, improving the pedestrian link between the post office and the and the town centre and upgrading pedestrian crossings at l'Herbaudière.



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