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Twinning projects

What is a twinning committee?

A twinning committee is an association that aims, to bring people together, to foster academic, economic, trade, sporting, cultural, and social social exchanges with twin cities and to organize and promote meetings and visits of delegations from these cities.

The Noirmoutier twinning committee

The Noirmoutier twinning committee was created in 1989. Noirmoutier has been twinned with Padron, in Spain since 1992 and Crestview, Florida since 1997. It also maintains close relations with the town of Ezcaray in Spain for a youth-oriented partnership. The Twinning Committee aims to implement educational tourism and cultural exchanges but also to create bonds of friendship between the people of both towns.


  • Since 1992, the twinning of Padron and Noirmoutier has seen:
  • Exchanges between the colleges of Noirmoutier and Padron
  • Internships on both sides of the border
  • Language courses
  • French cooking classes in Padron


The last official trip to Padron took place in 2002. Relations were interrupted due to various municipal elections. In total, nearly 500 Noirmoutier residents had the chance to discover this town in the Northwest of Spain and Galicia.


For the ninth time from 12 to 19 May 2013, Noirmoutier will receive American students from the University of Niceville NWFSC. Students are housed with families on the island and have the opportunity to discover our culture and even to go on stage, with performances of songs and musicals of very high quality, worthy of the great scenes of Broadway.

The twinning committee is always looking for host families to welcome American students.



Every 3 years, twenty college / high school students from the Ile de Noirmoutier are welcomed for 2 weeks in the homes of their American correspondents. Apart from the obvious tourist interest, they are immersed in the English language and share the life of an American family, - their habits, rituals and culture. They also bring their American correspondents a piece of our culture, our life and our habits in the Vendée. The next trip, the third, is timetabled for November 2015.


We expect to receive American students of the Crestview High School, in July 2014.



Since 2008, the town of Noirmoutier has enjoyed a privileged partnership with the town of Ezcaray in Spain in which the Espace Grain de Sel youth centre shares mountain activities and all the joys of winter sports with their Spanish counterparts.

Malpica de Bergantinos

Following an official visit of a delegation to Malpica de Bergantinos, a small town south of La Coruna in Galicia twinning is under consideration. A Spanish delegation is expected on our Island in spring 2013.

Financing college visits

Information and contact:

René Relandeau

5 impasse du Grand Four

85330 Noirmoutier

+33 (0)2 51 39 09 43

The young people of the island undertake various actions to finance their cultural and linguistic visit, and to limit the price that is asked of their families:

  • Lottery
  • Jumble sales
  • Sale of Chocolate
  • Sales at different events
  • Approaches to sponsors and the councils



The next jumble and car-boot sale will be on July 27 2013 on the place de la Prée au Duc.