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The château

The Château Museum

A grand symbol of feudal power, the tower was constructed Noirmoutier in the late twelfth century by Pierre V de la Garnache. Rectangular in plan, and flanked by four towers, with cylindrical buttresses, its overall height is some seventy feet. At the top of the towers, a breathtaking panorama embraces the beauty of the island and the Bay of Bourgneuf in one glance. In the fifteenth century, the château was transformed into a stately home — as can be seen by the tall chimneys of the residential part.

Surrounded by ramparts, the medieval chateau originally had a military function that would last until the nineteenth century.

Its position made it an excellent surveillance station for the port, the sea, and the surrounding land. The scene of many invasions, the fortress passed between the English, Spanish, Dutch and German hands over the centuries. It was also repeatedly used as a prison, especially during the twentieth century, during the First and Second World Wars.



Acquired by the municipality in 1901, the medieval château is one of the best preserved in France. It has been listed as a historic monument since 1994 and since 1935 has housed a museum dedicated to the history of the island, which has recently been renovated. Gathered over time since 1884, the museum's collections reflect the island's heritage from prehistory to the beginnings of tourism in the nineteenth century, passing via its maritime history and the troubled period of the wars of the Vendée.


The museum also has one of the largest public collections of English "Jersey” porcelain



The panoramic view

Practical information

Château de Noirmoutier

Place d'Armes

85330 Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile


Tel: +33 (0)2 51 39 10 42

Groups - please book your visit by mail or by phone.




Opening times 2013

Download the brochure here


Prices 2013

  • Individual

-Adult: € 4.50

-Child (<18 years): € 2.45

-Students, job seekers: 3.55 €

-Free for children under 6 years


  • Group (from 15 people)

- Adult : 3,05 €
- Child (<18) : 1,75 €


"Famille Plus" Label


A game booklet is available for children aged 6 to 10 years.

Downlaod the game booklet.


A changing table is available to families in the women's toilets.


School visits

New in 2013: For teachers wishing to prepare for student visits, a booklet introduces the château and collections.

Download the guide for teachers and a booklet for visiting the exhibitions.


New in 2013

Guided tours

Classic tour


During the months of July and August, guided tours are available to discover the château or the collections in the museum. In the last week of August, the collections visit can not be guaranteed.

Consult times and prices.


Guided tours for children

For adults who wish to take the classic tour, be aware that on Wednesdays, a visit for children is proposed. This tour is organized in the time slot of the classic tour on Wednesday at 11.15 pm. In the last week of August, the tour can't be guaranteed.

Consult times and prices.


Download a description of the guided tours