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On the water

The town of Noirmoutier offers a wide range of nautical and aquatic activities. You can discover them alone or accompanied by professionals. For beginners the municipal sailign school will introduce you to various activities including catamarans for children and adults, Optimist dinghies, windsurfing, sand yachting and kite surfing.

Experienced practitioners will find the equipment rental at the Port of l'Herbaudière or in Noirmoutier.

Boat trips on old sailing ships or passenger vessels are also available, and you can even explore the seabed on a dive.


Nautical events

Every summer, a number of special nautical events bring the coasts of the island to life: Les Voiles de Noirmoutier, the Regatta du Bois de la Chaise and the Beneteau Cup, are the best known and most popular. Tall ships, working boats or prestige ships sail alongside the latest models, straight from the shipyards of the Vendée — all find themselves together for a few days on the beautiful waterways of the Island.


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