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Cockle fishing

Cockle fishing is great fun to enjoy with family and friends. However, it is important to know the best practices, both for your own safety and for the marine environment.


Cockling is prohibited in the entire area around the port of l'Herbaudière, up to 100 meters from the two piers in the harbour and the outer harbour of Noirmoutier and in the channel and to the end of the Balise de l'Atelier, the Etier du Moulin, L'Arceau, and within 25 meters of marine farming areas (oyster beds).



Protecting resources

Be sure to put back all shellfish that do not reach the regulation size. This is a fragile resource, you should only keep the catch that you actually intend to eat.

Minimum capture size:

  • mussels: 40 mm
  • cockles: 30 mm
  • clams: 40 mm
  • oysters: 50 mm
  • scallops: 40 mm
  • winkles: 25 mm


Maximum catch per person per low tide:

  • mussels: 5 kg
  • cockles: 3 kg
  • clams: 3 kg
  • oysters: 3 dozen
  • winkles: 3 kg
  • whelks: 2 kg
  • scallops: 2 kg


Download the  recommendations for the preservation

of cockle fishing


Eating quality

Attention, even if the water is of excellent quality, the consumption of shellfish can always be hazardous.

The quality of coastal shellfish is therefore checked each month and the analysis results are posted outside the Mairie.

Download the map of cockle fishing sites and the results obtained here.


Attention ! Following recent test results, fishing for shellfish around Fort Larron is forbidden.

Check the latest anaylisis results.

Latest information on Fort Larron.


The Environmental Health Services of the DDASS regularly monitors the bacteriological quality of shellfish in recreational angling areas in different parts of the coast.

More information

Mairie de Noirmoutier

+33 (0)2 51 35 99 99


DDASS Vendée

Service Santé Environnement

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