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Ecological contract

Enhancement, preservation and protection of our way of life are at the heart of municipal action. It's as much in every day life, as in the the development of municipal projects that this determination can be seen.

Efficient public lighting, respectful of the environment

Public lighting concerns some 1,500 lighting points with an energy budget of €53,000 per year (40 to 60% of the overall budget for electricity). The town of Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile has a policy of rational management of illuminated areas, in the fight against both light pollution and energy wastage..

When “economy” is synonymous with “ecology”

The housing stock of the town consists of many old buildings, very poorly insulated and energy inefficient. The municipality is developing an energy audit to initiate a plan of renovation and maintenance of properties.


Environmentally sound management of green spaces and parks

The municipal services are committed to the ecological management of green spaces, which includes a differentiated approach to maintenance. This approach is more environmentally friendly, wherein each operation takes into account the nature, location, topography, geology, environment and function of the area to be treated.



In its ecological approach, the parks department acknowledges different criteria:

  • limitation of plant treatments, notably insecticides and herbicides
  • the return of organic matter to the soil - the mulching machine produced 70 tonnes in 2009
  • the frequency of grass cutting and the cutting height, depending on the desired appearance
  • Non aggressive clipping of trees and hedges
  • the use of electrical appliances where possible (thermal weeders for example)

Water-miser watering systems

Water management is at the heart of the problems faced by the Parks & Gardens service. Water for watering the flowers of the town the most recent plantations comes from wells. Nearly 28,000 litres of water are used each week during the summer.




The integrated irrigation systems are managed with programmers. This helps provide the right amount of water and reduce consumption. Saving water also involves associating perennials and natural grass, with a more sober aspect than annual flowers. Natural mulches are also effective for retaining moisture and limiting the necessity for chemical weed-killing.

The municipality intends to use rain water recovery techniques in to contribute to the preservation of water resources in our region.


Towards more responsible tourism and development of suitable public transport

Transportation is a field of action in which the town is very much involved, with an eye to environmental protection. As such, public transport is being experimented with.


The “Gratibus” (free shuttle buses) are set up every summer to de-congest the town centre and allow holidaymakers easy access to beaches and shops.


This initiative is part of the travel policy of the town and aims to reduce traffic and increase the use of public transport.