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Local Development Plan

The new Planning regulations were adopted by the council of 29 March 2013, taking into account the economic and environmental approach to urban planning, risk management and the issue of habitat through the social mix. This Regulation shall enter into effect as of 29 March 2013.

For more information about the regulations, you can view the following documents.



To download:

Deliberations and appendices


Download the "PADD"




Each part corresponds to the identified area with the same number on the map.



Architectural and Urban Heritage Protection Zone (Zone de Protection du Patrimoine de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme - ZPPAU)

A ZPPAU has applied to Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile since 1991

- Regulations

- Map


Coastlines Risk Prevention Plan (Plan de Prévention des Risques Littoraux - PPRL). All project documents are online

The PPRL project will soon be the object of a public hearing. Dates will be set by the prefecture.

To access the PPRL documents, click here.

You can also send your comments to the following address:

Wetlands inventory

Particularly in the context of the preparation of the Local Planning Regulations and pursuant to the Master Plan for Development and Water Management, the municipality of Noirmoutier-en -l'Ile has compiled an inventory of wetlands in the territory. The town council called upon the expertise of the Association pour le Développement du Bassin Versant de la Baie de Bourgneuf. The field survey was carried out in May by Fanny Rolland, Wetlands project manager. The marshlands, already considered as a wetland by the state, were not been surveyed, only their borders were verified.


What is a wetland?

Wetlands are characterized by the presence of water on a permanent or temporary basis during the year. They play an essential role in the ecosystem as they regulate the flow of rivers and improve water quality through natural purification.


Download maps based on the inventory.



Other forms:

Prior declaration

Construction permit


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