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Roads and roadworks

Priority to safety and accessibility for all

The goal of the municipality of Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile is to complete all construction and development operations in the public interest, with ongoing careful attention to the quality of the environment. The municipality places a strong priority on roads, with the stated aim of to improving accessibility and the safety of the public space.

In 2012, the town dedicated a budget of € 750,000 to its highways projects, including an substantial reserved sum for improving accessibility to the town centre.


Public works

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists use public facilities daily. The quality of the road and its facilities is therefore of primary concern.

However, because of the large budgets that need to be mobilized, a list of priorities has to be developed.

In 2013, €783 000 of new loans have been dedicated highways projects.

In addition to major roadworks, maintenance procedures are performed daily to ensure the safety of users (road paint, organization of parking, signs and so on...).


Roadworks map


Technical Services of the town of Noirmoutier

Rue de la Prée au Duc

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Use of public roads for private requirements